Galling Test Rig

Bespoke rig designed to perform galling tests on material samples under user specified test conditions.

Test samples were subject to a range of temperature levels up to 300oC to provide a greater depth of experimental analysis, something which was both user defined and controlled. 


This requirement was satisfied through integrating heaters into the design & operation in the rig control panel user interface.


In order to subject test pieces to pressure and apply stress, the rig was designed to interface with an existing Instron Machine which applied the specified load. 

These unique requirements heavily influenced the design and through a stage development & review process it was ensured that specification was satisfied.

The supplied product performs exceptionally and has modular capability for future design updates.  User interface and control is simple & reliable, allowing the operator to focus on more important analysis.

CNR provides design support & services to produce reliable, accurate & cost effective test and analysis rigs. 


The ability to deliver novel & innovative solutions ensure challenging & ambitious requirements are met with enthusiasm and passion.

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