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Design Service & Support

CNR has provided engineering design & analysis support services for the past 30 years, both developing imminent, rapid turnaround solutions & integrating with larger teams to support greater lifespan projects.

Capabilities include:

  • CAD Concept & Detailed Design

  • FEA & CFD Analysis

  • Product Optimisation


Covering a number of industry sectors we have expertise in the following areas:

  • Aerospace:  Structures, Transmissions, Seating Environments, Manufacturing Tooling & Test Rig Development

  • Automotive: Seating Environments, Transmissions, Structures & Simulation, Test Rig Development

  • Energy: Nuclear & Renewable Turbine & Test Rig Design

  • Rail: Carriage Envelope & Structural Design, Test Rig Development, Seating Environment & Optimisation

Engineering Design Services
Transmissions Specialism
Future Technology
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